Gender neutral style and androgynous outfitting have become more popular than ever lately. It is now more than just a trend, but a steadfast wardrobe movement - and we could not be happier about it here at UTILITARIAN! Gender specific clothing is often limited with how you can wear certain pieces of clothing or put together outfits. Feminine dressing puts a lot of attention on the body which isn't always necessary. Gender neutral fashion puts the focus on the clothes themselves instead of what's underneath them, with more thought put into the actual design – making every piece feel fresh and effortless.

I find that a gender neutral style allows for a variety of different styles to come together in one outfit without looking off-balance, overdone or sloppy. Here are a few tips for transitioning a wardrobe from a very masculine or feminine to a gender neutral one.

Gender Neutral Style – 10 Top Wardrobe Tips

1. Start with the shoes and work your way up. Wearing flats is always a safe bet when starting out, especially in summer, but I would suggest adding another pair of shoes that are more open to interpretation such as sneakers or boots to switch things up if you can handle it. Most people don't even notice if you're wearing flats anyways because the focus isn't on them.

    For example, if you're wearing a dress or skirt just pair it with ankle boots instead of high heels. I find that this is the easiest way to transition to more gender neutral pieces because shoes are usually one of the first things someone notices when they look at an outfit.


    2. Layer! A gender neutral wardrobe is all about layers so get ready to pile on a trench coat, a blazer, and some shirts underneath it all! Mixing different patterns textures works surprisingly well together, I find this to be true for texture as well.

      For example, mix flannel with denim instead of wearing a flannel or leather jacket by itself. The possibilities are endless so feel free to experiment!


      3. Add some flair with accessories! Gender neutral style is all about the little things, whether it's a layering necklace or scarf, something that pops will really pull together an outfit. If you're feeling bold go crazy with color or if that is not you then try adding in leather accents like belts and straps for example.

      For example, add a gender-neutral statement necklace to add a pop of color, or a leather jacket for some edge, or mix gender neutral printed scarf with an outfit.


      4. Be careful about fabrics! Gender neutral dressing doesn't have to be entirely neutral but I would suggest avoiding anything too feminine like lace and ruffles especially when starting out because these pieces can easily throw your whole outfit off balance and make you appear less polished, which isn't always a good thing depending on what type of look you are trying to achieve.

        For example, try a simple white tee instead of a ruffled blouse to avoid looking overly feminine if you're new to this style.


        5. Accessorize with art! Gender neutral style is all about embracing your personal style and finding a way to mesh it all together in a tasteful way that doesn't scream "look at me look at me!". So I suggest adding in some pieces of art, whether it be a print or neon signs, something eye-catching can help add more interest to an outfit overall.

          For example, you can go to an art store or check out your local vintage shop for one-of-a-kind pieces. 


          6. Strip down your accessories! Gender neutral style is pretty much the opposite of what you normally see when going out on the street, where everything has been made to pop and stand out with bright colors and patterns but instead we're going for something more simple which means less jewelry! Less is always more when it comes to starting off a gender neutral wardrobe because it's less fussy and more straightforward.

            For example, don't pile on too much jewelry at once. Instead, choose a simple and straightforward necklace or a bracelet. 


            7. Take risks but don't overdo it! Gender neutral style is about embracing your personal style and really expressing yourself which means that you can take some fashion risks, like pairing two contrasting patterns together, that may or may not fit well together! You'll learn what works for you and what doesn't so long as you embrace your own style along the way. Gender neutral dressing is all about taking risks so go ahead and try something new!


              8. Wear dark colors with bright colors! Gender neutral dressing isn't always just wearing plain old grays and blacks, sometimes adding color into the mix is more interesting than you think so don't be afraid to try out brighter colors with darker pieces.

                For example, wear a bright color like citron with dark pieces in your wardrobe, like black or gray. This is easiest achieved with a bright accessory while maintaining staple pieces like blazers, shoes, and pants simple and neutral. 


                9. Mix up masculine and feminine elements! Gender neutral style is the exact opposite of what you might expect it to be, meaning that mixing masculine pieces with more feminine pieces can work surprisingly well together as long as they're balanced correctly. For example, pairing some baggy jeans with a floral blouse or button-up shirt works just fine if done right.

                  For example, you can pair a flower print top with a simple blazer and wide-legged jeans. 


                  10. Just go for it! Gender neutral dressing is about embracing your personal style and not letting anyone else change that so take risks but make sure you know what you're doing first before giving anything a shot because fashion snafus are pretty common when trying out new styles like this one. Gender neutral style is all about having fun with fashion and not taking things too seriously, so don't be afraid to rock a gender-neutral outfit today!


                    Gender Neutral Style - Take Aways

                    Gender neutral dressing is all about embracing your personal style and not letting anyone change that so don't be afraid to try something new because there are no fashion rules when it comes to fashion. Gender neutral style is also all about taking risks, whether it's mixing florals with plaid or even wearing two contrasting patterns together at once. Be sure to personalize your looks and know that anything goes as long as you embrace who you are! This type of style isn't about blending into the background anymore, it's about balance and finding a way to mesh your fashion sense into one cohesive look that will inspire you (and potentially a few others). 

                    Remember, it doesn't have to always be black, grey, and white like everyone might expect, adding a bit of color into the mix can actually make an outfit look more interesting and unique. Finally, don't forget to have fun - gender neutral style means breaking existing boundaries and finding out what you love and what works for you!

                    November 09, 2021 — Bentley Wederski

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